Garden Programs

Learning to grow your own fruits and vegetables with whatever space, time and resources you have available can be empowering.

Led by experienced volunteers, our garden sites are spaces for learning, sharing and having fun outside. Our harvests help to feed our Kitchen and Pantry programs as well as the Garden Team!

Our teams are a mix of participants and volunteers, beginners and experienced green thumbs.  They come together for regular work parties, workshops and celebrations throughout the growing season.  Everyone is welcome.

We have currently manage two, organic garden sites that each have their unique style and features.

Shelbourne Garden


This is the garden at our central location at 3541 Shelbourne St. and everyone’s favourite part of our facility tours. While the main plot is a large and incredibly productive fenced area in the back, explore and you can also find clusters of container gardens, beautiful pollinator friendly herb and flower beds and even arugula and garlic patches along the side of the house. Our gardeners are always experimenting, and we love it!  As this is our central location, the yard includes an outdoor dining area, meeting and workshop space, as well as a vermicompost and  three-bin compost system.

Our Shelbourne Garden team runs weekly work parties on Mondays from 10am-12pm, and enjoy a homemade lunch together outside at the end. Our season runs from March to October.

Gordon Head Garden

Thanks to the generosity and support of a local resident, this private garden site was offered to the Kitchen before we even had a central location!  Through the years, the garden continues to evolve and expand thanks to the handwork and dedication of our garden team. Crops include everything fruits and vegetables, herbs, native edibles and medicinal plants. The garden site has a greenhouse and a three-bin compost system. The Gordon Head garden is also home to Top Bar Bee Hive as part of our Busy Bees program.

Our Gordon Head Garden team runs multiple small work parties throughout the week at various times. Our season runs from March to October and experiments with Winter gardening.