Pantry Program

The Pantry is a food distribution program for individuals and families who are living on a low income, and do not have reliable access to sufficient, nutritious food.

The Pantry focuses on providing healthy food choices, and helps people with dietary restrictions and food allergies access the food they need whenever possible.

Two services are offered: the grocery program and power to choose (outlined below). Individuals need to sign up as a member of the Shelbourne Community Kitchen in order to register for either services.

Program Status (last updated October 6, 2019):

As demand for our Pantry services grow, we are working hard to increase our capacity to source and store more food in order to make more space in the program. There is currently a 2-3 month wait list for both Grocery and Power To Choose programs. Please contact us for updates or to register.

Grocery Program:

  • Program participants choose and pack their own fresh produce and other perishables, canned and dried foods, and personal hygiene items.
  • The food on our shelves is from our own gardens, food rescue programs, community partners, local businesses, and individual donors.
  • Groceries are available once per month. Participants choose the same week each month to visit; this “visiting week” system helps to reduce wait times, and ensures our produce is fresh.
  • Participants may be a registrant in the Grocery Program for as long as they require the service.
  • A participant will be considered inactive if the program has not been used in over 12 months. The participant will need to re-register if the service is required again.

Power to Choose (Voucher Program)

  • To help buy items not available through our Grocery Program, registered participants may choose to access the Voucher Program.
  • The Voucher Program is a 12-month program, and participants may register only once.
  • Over this 12-month period, each registered participant has access, once per month, to one $10 voucher to a local grocery store.
  • Registered participants may pick up the voucher when they come for their Grocery Program visit, OR at any other time in the month. The voucher does not need to be picked up in the same visit.

For more information, please contact: or call (250) 590-0980