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We have moved to our new location, but renovations continue!

June: Reduced hours and services are in effect.

It’s June 1st and we have officially moved out of our old location at 3541 Shelbourne St. We are no longer operating out of our bungalow. Renovations at our new location, 3787 Cedar Hill Rd, continue throughout the month of June.

Beginning June 8th,  we will be open once a week, on Tuesdays 10am-2pm

We are now registering new members.

Our Location | Parking

Our Address is: 3787 Cedar Hill Rd, Saanich BC V8P 3Z4
Our Phone Number is: (250) 590-0980
Our Office Hours are: We are renovating! Hours are reduced to Tuesdays 10am-2pm, with limited services.

For information about the Pantry Program and to register as a member, please contact:

Odessa Kelebay, Pantry Coordinator  E:

For other programming information, volunteer information, donations information, and media information please contact:

Kim Cummins, Program Director E:


Our Location


  • We have moved into a campus that includes Luther Court and Lutheran Church of Cross and we all need parking. There is also another development project on the way.
  • At this time, we will have 5 designated spots available at St.Lukes across the street and 3 designated spots available in the Lutheran Church of the Cross parking lot.
  • As of right now, there are currently no spaces available for the Kitchen in the Luther Court parking lot other than use of the Handicapped Parking Spots.


Bus Routes

Our new home is located just off of the #24 bus route. This bus goes up cook st and along cedar hill rd. We will also be accessible by the #27 and #28 buses that run along Shelbourne St. It will be a 2 block walk from Shelbourne to our door.