Our Timeline and Program Transition Plan

We’re Moving Soon! 

As you may know, the Temporary Use Permit that has allowed the Kitchen to operate at our little bungalow at 3541 Shelbourne Street has come to an end. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a lease for an expanded facility that will become the home of the Shelbourne Community Kitchen.

The new premises will be located at 3787 Cedar Hill Road, (corner of Cedar Hill Cross Road) on the lower level of the Lutheran Church of the Cross. The entrance to the new facility will be on Cedar Hill Cross Road.

Our new home requires some significant renovations before we can move in. A building permit has been submitted and is currently awaiting approval. Renovations are anticipated to begin in March, with a tentative occupancy date of May. 

Our Timeline and Program Transition Plan

APRIL (Tuesdays 9am-5pm only)

  • The Grocery program will be temporarily put on hold for the month, so that we can pack, focus on the move, and successfully transition into our new facility.
  • The Voucher program will continue in April. Vouchers can be picked-up from the current Kitchen location (3541 Shelbourne St.) during reduced hours (see below), or mailed out by request. 
  • Are you registered for the Grocery program only? You may request to receive a voucher for the month of April (available by mail or pick-up).
  • No Virtual Cooking programs are scheduled.
  • We will not be registering new members this month.
  • We plan to share updates about the project via email, phone, and on our website throughout the month.
  • Reduced office hours and services – we will be open one day a week: Tuesdays 9am – 5pm. No grocery access will be available. Voucher pick-up only. Take-out coffee, tea, and snacks will be available and information about alternative community resources will be provided.  


  • Our anticipated re-opening at our new home!
  • The exact date that we will re-open at our new location cannot be confirmed at this time. This will depend on the successful completion of our renovations and how quickly we can set up our new space.
  • The first program to be re-introduced will be the Pantry Program, which includes the Grocery and Voucher programs.
  • Following the results of our recent Pantry Program survey, our services may change to better reflect the valuable feedback and suggestions we have received from our members. 
  • We plan to share updates about the project via email, phone, and on our website throughout the month.
  • Hours of Operations: to be confirmed at a later date.

Our Move:  Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is the new location from where you are now? Our new home is just 7 blocks away (1.1 km) from our current facility, so the Kitchen will be staying in the same great neighbourhood we have come to know and love.


  • Will it be larger than your current location? Our new facility will be twice the size of our current location and will provide more space for our many programs.


  • Why do you have to move? Our Temporary Use Permit that has allowed us to operate in our little house at 3541 Shelbourne Street has come to an end. We are also bursting at the seams and need more space! Our new location is in the same building as the Kitchen’s new food storage area, which will greatly improve the efficiency of our daily operations.


  • Are you becoming part of Lutheran Church of the Cross? No. The Shelbourne Community Kitchen is not a faith-based organization. While we will be located in the same building as the Lutheran Church of the Cross, the Shelbourne Community Kitchen will operate as an independent tenant with a separate street entrance to our facility located on the lower level.


  • Will your programs and services stay the same? We plan to offer the same great programs and services that our organization has become known for within the protocols presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are learning a lot from the feedback we are receiving from the Pantry Program survey and look forward to improving our services to better serve the needs and interests of our members.


  • Will there be a garden? There is no space at our new location for a garden unfortunately, but we are planning to set up another garden as close to our new location as possible. It will be a new space where we can continue to grow food and host workshops. More details to come!
  • Is the new location on a bus route? Yes.  Our new home is directly located on the #24 bus route (Admirals and Cedar Hill). It is also near to the #27/#28 at Shelbourne St however there is a 2 ½  block walk up hill.


  • Can I help with the move in some way? Absolutely! We are planning on holding a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ soon and will be inviting all of our members to attend. Stay tuned for the Town Hall meeting invitation and details to come soon.