Kitchen Programs

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen offers a wide variety of food skills programs designed to meet the diverse interests of our members. Whether you are just learning to cook for the first time or an experienced home cook, there are programs to suit all skill levels. Attending a cooking program is a  fun, delicious and rewarding way to increase your access to healthy and nourishing meals. 

Food Skills Programs are currently held online! During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Kitchen’s in-person group cooking programs have transitioned to an online platform (zoom). Participants register to receive a meal kit complete with ingredients, recipes and equipment lists (pick up/delivery available) and ‘tune in’ from home to cook along with our program facilitators. No internet at home? No problem. Participants can still receive a meal kit and receive the recipes and ingredients to try at home.

For more information about our Food Skills Programs, call or email us at  (250) 590-0980

All of our Kitchen programs are a great opportunities for members to:

  • increase access to fresh, healthy food
  • socialize and share meals in community
  • practice food skills and develop confidence in the kitchen
  • share skills, recipes and experiences in a collaborative and fun group

You must be a registered member of the Shelbourne Community Kitchen in order to sign up for cooking programs. Please contact us for more details.

All classes are volunteer run. Program schedules and registration details are shared through our monthly member emails. 

 Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Basics is a foundational cooking program that offers one-on-one mentorship for participants who could benefit from more focused assistance. The program structure and lesson plans are designed through discussion and initial planning sessions and identifies the key goals and learning outcomes for each participant. Through the Kitchen Basics program, participants collaborate with their volunteer Kitchen Lead to practice and develop new skills and builds confidence in the kitchen, helping to meet each participants unique goals. The number of cooking sessions and the frequency of classes is based on participant needs and volunteer availability during the intake process and planning session.

Take Home Meals 

In this fun and information packed afternoon class, participants prepare multiple dinners together to pack and take home for the week. Themes are different every week. Past class themes have included: buddha bowls, vegetarian meals, cooking eggs 101, burritos and mexican favourites, soups and stocks, and healthy comfort food favourites.    

Get Baking!

Take the stress out of baking in this excellent class offered by a pastry chef. Learn to make easy, healthy recipes with minimal appliances and kitchen equipment. This foundational baking class is 6 sessions long and includes everything from muffins and quick breads, pies, scones, yeast breads, and no-bake snacks and energy bars. The last class is a wild card where participants can request to make something they have always wanted to learn!  Get Baking runs twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. 

Canning Circle                           

Our Canning Circle class is a large group preservation session held 1 x month during the harvest season. It is a wonderful opportunity to share in the tradition of preserving seasonal abundance and to meet new friends. Participants and volunteers are both welcome to join Canning Circles, with the final product shared among all who attend.

Smaller preservation classes are held at our central location that focus on the foundations of hot-water bath canning, freezing and drying while creating delicious products that participants take home at the end of session. Classes have access to food dehydrators, canners, food mills, cider press, and small juicers.

All canning and preservation classes are led by experienced canning volunteers with Foodsafe level 1, and groups practice safe canning methods at all times.

Guys Night  

 A fun and easy going cooking night, just for the guys. Whether you are learning to cook for the first time or are at home in the kitchen, this program works for everyone. We prepare and share simple meals together, socialize and take leftovers home. Sessions are held once a month as facilitators are available. 

Intercultural Cooking Nights  

In collaboration with the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre’s Welcome Gardens Program, we organize popular Inter-cultural Cooking Nights where we share recipes, music, stories and language from around the world as part of a delicious cooking program. Parents and their children often volunteer their time to teach the classes together, sharing their delicious food culture and favourite family recipes.

Past classes have included:  Trini- Feast, Indian Pakora lunch and ESL conversation, Gyoza Party, Hawaiian Night, A Dinner in France and Middle- Eastern Family Meal Favourites.

Family Roots                                   Seasonal Summer Program

Family Roots is a new cooking and gardening program for anyone who is a caregiver with children who are between the ages of 9 and 17. Develop your food skills and have some fun as you and your family collaborate as a team, learning and sharing new skills as we cook, grow and connect with food and community! Take home meals, snacks, resources, gardening supplies and inspiration abound. This seasonal program runs during the summer months.