Pantry Program


The Pantry Program is a food distribution program for people who are living on a low income and do not have reliable access to sufficient, nutritious food. The Pantry Program offers fresh seasonal produce, healthy pantry staples, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and menstrual products. Participants choose the foods that they receive. You must become a member of the Kitchen in order to access services.

Registering to become a member of the Shelbourne Community Kitchen is easy and only takes about 10 mins. Drop by during our hours of operation (see below) and let us know you’d like to join. No proof of income or ID is required.

Our phone number: 250-590-0980

Hours of Operations: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00AM-1:00PM Thursday 3:30PM-6:30PM *There is a one week closure at the end of every month. Please call to check our voicemail for exact dates.

The Pantry Program offers two services:

Grocery Program  

  • The Grocery Program is available for participants to access once a month. 
  • Participants choose the items that they receive. The program focuses on healthy food choices, with accommodations for families and people with dietary restrictions and food allergies whenever possible. 
  • To access the Grocery Program, participants call, or visit in-person during hours of operations to place a grocery order. (Please note, Grocery Program offerings are subject to frequent change, and we cannot guarantee that your order will be filled exactly as requested).
  • After placing a grocery order over the phone, participants come to the Kitchen on the same day for a contactless grocery pick up during hours of operation (see hours below).
  • No-contact home delivery is also available for people who are immuno-compromised, have physical mobility barriers, or are self-isolating. Requests for delivery must be placed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Deliveries are made on Wednesday and Friday afternoons between 12pm-3pm.  
  • Participants may access the Grocery Program once a month, for as long as they require the service. 
  • A participant will be considered inactive if the program has not been used in over 12 months. The participant will  need to re-register if the service is required again. 

Voucher Program (Wait List as of November 1st, 2021)

  • To help purchase items that may not be available through our Grocery Program, the Voucher Program offers  monthly gift cards for local grocery stores. The Voucher Program is 12-months long, and participants may register only once. 
  • Over this 12-month period, each participant has access, once per month, to one $10 grocery voucher for individuals and $20 for families. Only one adult per family receives a $20 voucher. Unclaimed vouchers from previous months cannot be claimed. 
  • Participants can access their monthly voucher when they access the Grocery Program or at any other time in the  month that works for them.  

Questions or Concerns?
Call: (250) 590-0980 or email Pantry Coordinator, Tyler Akis, at: