Pantry Program

The Pantry Program is the Shelbourne Community Kitchen’s healthy food distribution program.

Two services are offered: the Grocery Program and Power To Choose (Voucher Program).

Individuals are asked to sign up as a member of the Shelbourne Community Kitchen in order to participate in our programs. Signing up to become a member is easy and can be done in person or over the phone. No ID is required.

Pantry Program Services for July 2021

For the month of July, the Kitchen  is offering pre-packed bags of organic produce available for pick-up or delivery once a week at 3787 Cedar Hill Rd, at the rotunda room (see photo for exact location). During construction, hours of operations are just once a week on Tuesdays from 10AM-2PM. The Voucher Program will continue to run as it has in April and May.

About the Produce Boost Bags: each bag will contain organic produce and 1 dozen eggs from our farm collaboration with Omnivore Acres and partners at Gatton Farms, and the Horticulturists at Cordova Bay Golf Course. Bags are pre-packed and produce will vary based on availability. Limit to 1 (one) produce bag per registered member.

Pick Up Days

  • When: Tuesdays only between 10am-2pm (beginning June 8th)
  • Where: 3787 Cedar Hill Rd.
  • What is Available: 
    • Voucher pick up (continues at the same amount that was offered in April/May)
    • Produce Boost Bag pick up (pre-packed produce and eggs)
    • Information about community food resources
    • New member registrations (by phone or in person)

Delivery Days
If you are unable to come pick up a Produce Boost Bag and voucher because you are immunocompromised, or have a mobility barrier, we will be offering delivery service. Orders must be placed by phone on Tuesdays, and deliveries will be sent out the following afternoon.

  • When to Order: Tuesdays only between 10am-2pm (beginning June 8th)
  • Phone Number to Call: (250) 590-0980
  • When Deliveries will Arrive: Wednesdays between 12pm-4pm (please make sure you are home to receive it)
  • What is Available by Delivery:
    • Voucher
    • Produce boost bag pick up (pre-packed produce and eggs)
    • Information about community food resources

Would you prefer to simply have your June voucher mailed to you for the month of July? We can do that too. Vouchers are not mailed out automatically to members, so please be sure to call us at (250) 590-0980 on Tuesdays between 10-2pm to request that your voucher be mailed to you.

Power-to-Choose a.k.a. The Voucher Program  (operating in July)

  • The Power-to-Choose program offers a monthly grocery gift card/voucher to help purchase items that may not available through our Grocery program.
  • Power-to-Choose is a 12-month long program, and participants may register only once.
  • Over this 12-month period, each participant has access, once per month, to one grocery gift card/voucher.
  • Participants can access their monthly voucher when they access the Grocery Program or at any other time in the month that works for them. Unclaimed vouchers from previous months cannot be claimed at a later date.

Grocery Program  (on hiatus for the month of July as renovations to our new location continue)

  • This program offers once a month access to a selection of fresh produce and proteins, dry goods and non-perishables, cleaning supplies, toiletries and pet food.
  • Participants choose the items they receive. Accommodations are available for families, people with dietary restrictions and people with limited cooking facilities whenever possible.
  • Participants access the Grocery program and choose the items they will receive by speaking with one of our trained staff/volunteers. This is done by phone or in person during office hours (Tuesday-Friday 10am-2pm).
  • Once the grocery items have been selected, Participants come to the Kitchen for a no-contact grocery pick up.
  • Home delivery is also available for people who are immuno-compromised or are self-isolating. Requests for grocery delivery must be placed by phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Deliveries are made on Wednesday  and Friday afternoons between 12pm-4pm.
  • Participants may be a registrant in the Grocery Program for as long as they require the service. A participant will be considered inactive if the program has not been used in over 12 months. The participant will need to re-register if the service is required again.

For more information, please contact:

Odessa, Pantry Coordinator:


Ph: (250) 590-0980

Hours of Operation (June): Tuesdays only 10am – 2pm