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Our Pantry Top 5: December

Here are our December #PantryTop5 items!

The Pantry Top 5 is a monthly post where we share our most needed items for our program participants. If you have any of these items, or wish to add them to your weekly grocery shopping for us, you can donate them during our hours! We are at 3541 Shelbourne st., Tuesday to Friday, 10 AM to 2 PM.

#ThinkFood #ThinkCommunity #WeHeartDonors

[Image Description: There are four separate images. They all have a green background, with a small white square in the middle. Below is a red “paint” like streak with text in it.

The first image has a small drawing of two cans in the center of the white square. Below, in the red paint, is reads, “Canned meats and fish.”

The second image has a drawing of a peanut and a jam jar in the middle of the white square. In the red paint, it reads, “Peanut butters and jam.”

The third image has a cartoon of a toilet paper roll in the center of the white square, with text in the red paint that reads, “Toilet paper.”

The fourth and final image has a cartoon of a wheat grain, with a red x through it. In the red paint below, it reads, “gluten free items.”]